Secluded rest in the mini-hotel, 
it costs 2 times less than in 
a large hotel, in one call.

Phone number: +7(343) 379 76 52 (59)                           

In Ekaterinburg
19 January
Comfortable Hotel
in the very center of Ekaterinburg

Hotel "Chetyre sezona"

Comfortable mini hotel located in a new building complex in a short distance from historical, business and cultural center of the city. The railway station and bus stations are very easy to reach.

13 rooms from 2600 rub for one person

Thank you to the staff and the hostess of this wonderful, temporary home. Your hotel is a place one doesn’t want to leave!
Employers “Viprok” Samara
Free WiFi in  each room
WiFi in each room
Weekend discounts

Weekend discounts

Spend your weekend in Ekaterinburg and enjoy a 5% discount
Valid from Friday 12.00 till Monday 12.00